Green Shooting Holiday Blues

School Holidays were the best times of my life.

Combining my student days and time as a teacher, I had thirty four years of them.

So, when I no longer had school holidays, I was expecting to really miss them.

But I’m not.

Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t take back the Summer months enjoying lazy lie ins and staying in my PJs until midday. After all I needed those wind down periods to recover from the intensity of term time.

But the impending doom of work at the end of each holiday has gone and I am no longer counting down the days in my life until the next holiday.

I still have holidays and I enjoy them when they arrive but my life no longer revolves around them.

I’m not in count down mode anymore. My restlessness has gone and I’m not too fussed about a holiday (yet!). I believe this is because my green shoots are surfacing – I am aligned with my purpose again.

I believe every woman deserves a fulfilling career that energises rather than drains them.

You don’t have to accept a ‘count down’ lifestyle. You deserve better than ‘only 8 weeks until the next one’! A life that feeds your soul without draining the life energies from your core is your birth right.

And it doesn’t necessarily mean quitting or changing jobs. ‘Count down’ mode can come from a place of apathy where you are actually unfulfilled because you need more challenge or to take on more responsibility.

5 Questions to identify if you’re in ‘count down’ mode:

1) Do you count down the days until your holidays?

2) At the end of a holiday, does the thought of going back to work fill you with dread?

3) Are you a positively different person in the holidays?

4) Does the first day back at work seem like a mountain to climb?

5) Do you feel unsettled?

If you answered ‘yes’ to three or more questions, it could be because it’s time for you to grow, it’s time for your green shoots to come through.

How to move from ‘countdown’ to ‘green shoot’ mode

Stop and allow yourself to dream big.

Silence the voice that tells you to stop being ridiculous as your dream expands.

Next, journal every morning three things you want that day; these three things should move you towards that big dream. Throughout the day, ensure every step you take is a move towards those small goals.

Take it one day at a time.

If you want to explore your potential with a thinking partner, let’s connect for a free coaching call because coaching could be the catalyst for the positive change coming your way.

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